DANIEL KAN– Rock band & music coach, facilitator


  • Co-founder and Music Director of Believer Music, from Year 2000-2008, he was also in charge of the hiring of training of all music coaches. Each coach typically trains 20-50 students. He has coached students from beginner to improvisational levels. He strongly believes that the coach’s vast experience, discernment and focused attention directly contributes to the student’s learning and experiential success.
  • Currently, he manages rock band trainings on a weekly basis. He earns his respect as a rock band teacher as he is technically proficient and versatile as a singer, backup vocalist, acoustic guitarist, electric guitarist, keyboardist, bassist and drummer. He understands the demands of each instrument role and is able to rally the band to perform in unity. He has a rare gifting of playing and teaching music well, while achieving team-building goals.
  • At present in Kingdom Music, he equips singers, musicians and bands for better self-actualisation and stage performance. He is currently also the Music Director for Montessori For Children here in Singapore.
  • He has successfully refined his capabilities and used his expertise to help co-design (with OIA) corporate level team development programmes that replicate and integrate the band experience. Among others, some of the clients are Gemalto, Great Eastern and Chevron.

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