• Toby is a personal development coach and the co-director of Platinum Light Pte Ltd in Singapore. He has fourteen years of experience in the field of mental fitness and meditation, and a decade of experience in actively mentoring people in the field of consciousness development. This time includes five years as a Buddhist monk within the Tibetan tradition. His coaching practice emphasizes three main areas:
  • Meditation as a method for managing stress and finding increasing depth and quality within one’s life Mental Fitness; Knowing how to keep psychologically in shape to meet the daily challenges in our life and maximize our basic happiness and fulfillment levels
  • Qi Gong movement and breathing exercise as a way of strengthening and harmonizing the energies in our physical body and facilitating the overall  integration of mind-body-spirit balance
  • Originally an artist by training, Toby continues to integrate creative activities into his classes and workshops wherever possible, and continues to pursue his own artistic practice in the form of ceramic sculpture and a form of colourful painting and drawing that he terms soul portraits.

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