Clemence Blondel


  • Clemence began her career in Marketing and Communication and evolved that role to include Sales. She achieved success in these roles because of her deep understanding of buyer behaviour, especially taking the time to break down why people made the decisions that they made.
  • It was this love for human psychology linked to decision making and behaviours that attracted her to the field of Education, Learning and Development and Coaching, where she currently focuses her time and energy, as a Learning and Development Consultant.
  • Over the last 3 years, she has built an impressive track record of experiences, using this passion and expertise, to help tertiary level students, find their purpose, develop their personal brand and prepare better for the next steps in their careers.  As an Ontologically certified and trained Coach, she has also taken many Adults, in their various working roles, on a Journey of Transformation to truly impact their lives.
  • A highly personable coach, she is adept at helping her clients feel at ease, cut through the noise of the everyday and get to the heart of the issue facing them thus giving them a clear structure to take positive action.
  • In her spare time she is an avid World Traveller, who takes great pleasure in immersing herself in different cultures; all of which have only made her more appealing and effective in her coaching, and training.