Subject Matter Expertise:

  • Team Engagement
  • Leadership Development
  • Training Needs Analysis
  • Corporate Training and Coaching
  • Interactive Training Strategies
  • Emergenetics and DiSC Profiling
  • Dianna has spent more than 10 years in the Education Industry, having brought thousands of learners on learning journeys, field trips, overseas leadership and eco-conservation camps. Dianna specializes in life-skills training which include motivational leadership & team-building, SQ, EQ courses and Accelerated Learning Speed reading.
  • As a lifelong learner, Dianna has developed the following professional qualifications:
    • Certified Behavioural Consultant, The Institute of Motivational Living
    • Certified Emergenetics Consultant, Emergenetics International
    • Certified Kouzer & Posner’s The Leadership Challenge Trainer, Lifeskills Enrichment
    • Certified Tim Elmore’s Habitudes Trainer, Growing Leaders
    • Certified Virtues Project Facilitator, The Virtues Project
  • In more than 13 years of training experience, Dianna Lane has trained over 9000 learners in the Asia Pacific region in
    • Accelerated Learning & Speed Reading
    • Leadership Development & Core Values Teambuilding
    • Psychological Profiling Tools
  • Some of the clients who benefitted from her highly dynamic and impactful learning sessions include HBO Asia, CDC, Covidien Medical Group, IDA, EDB and B Braun
  • Dianna Lane has a 2nd Upper Honours Degree in Human Physiology from NUS, Bachelor of Science Degrees in Human Physiology & Biology from NUS, and is both a Certified Emergenetics Associate, and a Certified DISC Behavioural Consultant

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