Subject Matter Expertise:

  • Senior Leadership Team and Personal Development
  • Coaching and Co-development-based facilitation
  • Mentor-Mentee framework and training
  • Developing competency framework for operational excellence
  • Managing change & diversity across cultures
  • Client relations and Communication
  • Developing Organisational leadership to effect change
  • Kiran Gulrajani is the founder of CoEvolve. His singular contribution has been facilitating profound learning for over 500 leaders at senior levels of the corporate world, professional training, education, health and social initiatives in India, Singapore, USA, and other parts of the world.
  • On his journey Kiran has learnt from and connected deeply with Gay and Katie Hendricks, Dan Millman, Peter Senge,
  • Mark Silver and many other inspiring souls who have influenced his work. He has since connected many fellow travellers to them in the spirit of co-evolution.
  • Through his signature program, Tao of Facilitation, and his penchant for connecting with great minds and hearts, Kiran has developed a growing ecology of more than 100 gifted facilitators, many of whom have been experienced senior trainers in the field. He is currently authoring a book about this experience.

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