Subject Matter Expertise / Qualifications:

  • Cand.Musicae (Denmark) Masters Degree in Vocal and Rhythmic Orchestra
  • Professional radio broadcasting skills; audio services techniques
  • On air personality,
  • Executive producer- HOT FM Smooth Grooves Radio
  • Vocal coach, singer and teacher – Ishoej music school, Copenhagen music school, Danish Conservatory of Rhythmic Music, (RMC), Herlev music school, Roskilde music school
  • an engaging and charismatic business skills trainer and coach
  • Sinette has developed initiatives related to radio broadcasting and audio service techniques on local and commercial radio. She has wide experience of producing radio shows; commercials and jingles.
  • has brought her unique brand of vocal training to the business environment and has developed bespoke courses for both private and public sector organisations.  She works with executives of all levels including CEO’s and Senior Managers
  • has developed and implemented a wide variety of presentation, communication and media courses to corporate groups, charities, telesales staff, broadcasters and music students. As a music teacher & coach, she has particular expertise in presentation structure and content
  • brings a creative and enthusiastic approach to all her training, and coupled with her ability to adapt easily to the different levels of experience, she is highly skilled at bringing out the best in everyone she works with
  • as a trainer, mentor and industry practitioner, she brings a wealth of experience and wisdom into corporate training. Clients find her methods and techniques inspiring and practical. She is passionate about helping her clients discover hidden talents within themselves, using her unique blend of international business experience and a creative training style.

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