Network with Leadership Agility Global Practice Leader, Dr Paul Aitken on the 2nd of April 2014 at ONE°15 Marina Club

Over 30 people enjoyed the evening, which mixed networking with learning at the ONE°15 Marina Club. As CLIA’s 1st Leaders Network, Dr Paul Aitken, a global practice leader in the 12 practices of Leadership Agility and CLIA’s alliance partner, flew in especially, from UK, for this event and together with other speakers, Sadikin Darmawan and Toby Ouvry, shared their insights on Leadership Agility, Entrepreneurship success, mindfulness and respectively.

Although the night was predominantly about connecting with and hearing from specially invited overseas CLIA Alliance partnpic_1er, Dr Paul Aitken, the audience was also presented with an inspirational half hour talk by Entrepreneurship Business Partner and Advisor , Mr. Sadikin Darmawan on how he achieved success as an Entrepreneur.

Toby Ouvry, a former Buddhist monk and now mindfulness coach and facilitator dedicated the last half hour on the night to a unique presentation on Stress transformation, with experiential activities.

The highlight of the night was Dr Paul Aitken’s presentation on:

Leadership Agility Practices for Personal/Business Reinvention/Regeneration


During the hour long session, Dr Paul Aitken shared his insights on the leadership challenges facing organisations and introduced how his ‘12 leadership agility practices’ can be used to improve the work environment and increase the overall quality and quantity of learning.

Content of presentation

Beginning with a discussion on the need for organisations to remain ‘fit for purpose’ in a fast moving and interdependent world in meeting their ever changing customer’s needs and wants, Dr Paul emphasised the importance for organisations and leadership to be agile in the moment as well as over time.

Sharing the story of Kodak (filing for bankruptcy protection), Dr Aitken stated, “Those who can stay agile will continue to lead within their sector”

Some of the other areas discussed, briefly, in the 1 hour, included the following:

  • Introduction to the 12 leadership practices and their application in organisations
  • His research and findings on Values and the role Values plays in building leadership agility. In this respect, Dr Aitken shared with the audience the need to conduct a Values assessment along the 3 Values dimensions of Self, Business and Society. Dr Aitken then went on to share the 6 values that underpinned these dimensions and their characteristics.

The last 15 minutes was used to discuss the purpose of leadership and field questions from the audience

Overall Feedback from audience members:

“I am very impressed with Dr Paul Aitken’s presentation on agility for sustainability which is so relevant in the context of achieving success yet imbued with ethics in business. He is articulate and witty in his choice in words. Hence Dr Aitken is one such outstanding entrepreneur who should again be invited to speak at all future events hosted by CLIA”
Ian Wong, former Hd of Audit, Lion Group

“I thoroughly enjoyed Dr Paul’s session which was both intriguing and engaging. It provided me with a new perspective on leadership agility principles”
 Thamo, Hd of Operations & Projects, in a construction firm.

“I wish to say that I have very much enjoyed myself meeting Mr Ludovic and his team, as well as the professional speakers and the guests. Good work team!” an audience member.

“A wonderful session of sharing and learning” an audience member.



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