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With so many training consultancies and programmes to choose from, it is no wonder that organisations sometimes struggle in making the right decision.

A key struggle is trying to determine how training is able to impact behavior and success back in the workplace? Is there a way to ascertain this during the training session?

At CLIA, we believe we have the solution!

In collaboration with the creator, MrShamilFattakhov, who has achieved success in over 63 countries, our breakthrough learning process and methodology, ZIPoPo is embedded in all our Masterclasses to offer clients an opportunity to see their learning ‘in action’ in actual workplace contexts. So you see immediate results even during training sessions.

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Tapping on our many years of experiential learning and team development programmes, we have discovered a unique and effective way to integrate this, by bringing kinesthetic and multi sensory activities to enhance training delivery and engage audiences through a Do and Feel approach, which we call our Engagement PLUGGINS.

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