Mindfulness Pluggins™

“The Eye of the Storm”

Improving performance in challenging environment.
This PLUGGIN offer 3 practical exercises in mindful engagement to help boost your productivity in office. You will be able to overcome recurring challenges better, develop further appreciation of your existing successes and blessings, and last, tap into your creative energy and responsibility to create a renewed vision for performance and accomplishment. Though focused upon the workplace, once you are familiar with these mindfulness exercises, you will find that they can be applied just as meaningfully to our relationships, personal life or any other domain.

“Stress Transformation”

Stress is not just something to be managed; it can be utilised as a powerful force for effectiveness and peak performance. Learn how to use and direct your stress in the most beneficial ways.

“Peak Self Performance”

Learn how you can develop deep confidence in yourself, take benevolent control of your life, overcome inner inhibitions such as fear and invite fulfillment and wellbeing into your life through the practice of mindful self leadership.
Mindful Self-Leadership is a new paradigm for personal growth and wellbeing that brings together both the western and eastern traditions of mindful living and self-awareness.

“Bringing Shadows to Light”