Music & Percussion Pluggins™

Service that Groove



  • Explore the Heart-beat of Customer Delight
  • Embark on a learning journey to acquire and practice the competencies that will transform your approach to customer service


“Hear The Beat”

Listening is what we do all the time… but do we really hear? What does it take to make your customer valued and genuinely appreciated?

“Go With The Groove”

Going with the groove is the art of “allowing” and “giving” at the same time. In the flow of things, join joyfully and look for the better, giving your very best…. You then become part of a WOW reaction – something both spontaneous and personal… something special that will make your client feel special and wanting to get more. The groove is genuine and contagious

“Embrace The Rhythm”

Customer delight is not just about producing a “service” as to producing a “wow” reaction…. Only when you fully embrace the rhythm are you able to WOW the audience and guess what… you will be part of it, making things appear spontaneous or unexpected… That really is the “personal touch”

“Standing Out”

Todays is a world of personal brand and uniqueness… It takes courage to let your brand shine and your voice be heard. Practice the art of asserting your confidence while feeling the support of the groove. As you listen, tune in and synchronise, you also allow yourself to stand out, be seen and be heard. Create the talking points you need to bring your client relationship to the next level

“Tango For Performance”

The dance for performance never ends and at every step, your “partner” count and count on you too. Therefore practice makes perfect and as we do we get better overall making it ever harder for the competition to cope up. You lead the dance and yet, enjoy every steps and every time more.