Nature & Outdoors Pluggins™

“Winds and Waves”

This module helps to complement and enhance change management programmes. Using Pirates challenges, participants are put through collaborative team based activities to help build awareness and appreciation of behaviours that mater in times of change.

“Collaboration of the Minds”

Participants develop a collaborative mindset and leadership as an individual contributor while Group Problem-solving. Using a Survivor based theme and challenges, learn skills for resilience, leadership and team competencies for developing workplace synergies.

“We Leadership”

Using videos to review and reflect after challenges, this unique experiential module helps develop both team membership and team leadership competencies. The “WE LEADERSHIP” programme helps move individuals and teams through the process of I to US to We.

“Cruising for Synergies”

The group is split into teams who have to design, plan, and manage the build of a raft. This pluggin is a great way to help apply Project planning and management skills, Team development techniques. Problem-solving, negotiating, time-keeping and observation skills are all needed to complete this activity.

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