ZiPoPo™ & Drama Forum Pluggins™


“Work Harmony In Action”The “Work Harmony In Action” module plays out challenging work life situations (for eg overload, stress, gossip, miscommunications) in scripted actor and participant driven scenarios.

“Beyond Conflict PlayOut”This module helps participants understand and observe situations that cause conflict while also being part of the resolution process by examining the real issues and the behaviour triggers that lead to conflict.

“Diversity Play Out”Participants will be able to observe, reflect and review typical scenarios of miscommunication, frustration and tension or conflict – all triggered by cultural mis-alignment. Ideal for enhancing cultural competence programmes.

“Adapt to LEAD”This session complements any leadership development programme and discussion by helping participants move to a new state of awareness and practically implement various styles that suits them best. This session also brings in the works of Dr Paul Aitken in Leadership agility and Daniel Goleman in Emotional Intelligence to help participants leap forward in their leadership practice.

“Influencing Stories”The “Influencing Stories” module – in 3 short hrs – shows a path to learn the art and science of story telling, to engage at a private or personal level ; to bring in the fun and laughter you need to build your confidence and awaken the talent within.

“The Peaceful Warrior”
Through our experiential “Peaceful Warrior” module, learn to say what you really think, develop empathy and the physical skills and awareness with which to build confidence and communicate a compelling vision.It is a highly effective pluggin to help build core competencies for presentation, dialogue and conversation skills.

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