WHAT IS ZIPOPO™ ? A Revolutionary Technique for Building Healthy, Trusting & Productive Relationships

“It brings people together, and pushes for a positive solution. Very often I have a problem that I can’t solve. I suggest it as a topic and then get 75 people discussing it and giving amazing feedback, analysis and understanding.” ShamilFattakhov, creator and originator of ZIPoPo™ speaking about the power of ZIPoPo™

The very nature of ZIPoPo™, including the encouragement of dramatic art (script-writing, acting and directing), allows for instant creative debate to touch on real-life dilemmas, and very often for the first time. ZIPoPo™ aims to develop consultation in the search for positive solutions, while encouraging dialogue, positive behaviour and moral responsibility in every individual. A driving objective is to create a safe environment that encourage participants to analyse assumptions about right and wrong and develop the courage to think independently.




“Neurologists say that our brains are programmed much more for stories than for abstract ideas. Tales with a little drama are remembered far longer than any slide crammed with analytics” John P. Kotter

A broad range of applications:

  • Resolving Conflict /  Fostering Safety Cultures / Building Appreciative Cultures / Sales Leadership /Empowering communities / Character Development

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