Application of ZIPOPO™


Business, Communities & Youth Development


Corporation are able to use ZIPoPo for specific applications such as:

Resolving Conflict through Multi-Sensory Experiential Training

With little proper training in this area, most people do what they can to avoid conflicts in the workplace.The ZIPoPoshow gives particpants practical and tried and tested tools and techniques, built around behaviours and competencies to help resolve conflict.


Building Appreciative Corporate Culture

Building a mindset and culture of Appreciation is achieved through a powerful process that creates a sense of unity of purpose, unity of thought and unity of action within the corporate decision-making or policy-making process.


Sales Leadership

Co – created with CLIA, ZiPoPo™ allows sales professionals – from the most seasoned to the least experienced – to explore and discover what it takes to engage customers and how to develop a great customer inspired experience.,

The process entails:



Fostering Safety Cultures

“It is not possible to improve culture directly. Instead, it is necessary to work at improving factors that can have a positive influence on culture”.

Using customised script with situations involving specific competencies, ZiPoPo™ is able to make a direct impact with accelerated learning and behavioral training on communication skills, dealing with difficult issues, increasing engagement and participation etc…. Click here for more


Empowering Communities (Youth, Enterprise, Learning)

The ZIPoPo™provides a platform for dialogue between different conflicting members of the community (ie. parents, youth, authorities, teachers, etc.). It is a platform that explores conflict between individuals, within a family, between colleagues, with the authorities, between different social groups (ie. businessmen and environmentalists) and even racial/ethnic conflicts between communities.

It always addresses a conflict, dilemma, or tension of a different kind – internal or external, intellectual-emotional-physical-spiritual (Fattakhov, 2004).


Youth Development

ZIPoPo™ offers a talk show methodology to create ‘platforms’ or ‘social spaces’ where young people examine real-life issues by dramatizing ethical and moral dilemmas while geared at developing constructive problem-solving strategies that are owned and applied by young people in their daily lives.

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