ZIPOPO™ for Communities


In the Singapore context, ZIPoPo™ can be used to train grass root leaders and rekindle their pride and passion for service to the community.

Working with IRCC (Inter-religious Confidence Centers) ZIPoPo™ can help deal with important issues at the grassroots level regarding racial and religious harmony.

ZIPoPo™ is proven to be effective in helping to deal with social issues like racial and religious harmony, husband-wife / parental and family relationship, delincance, sickness and societal sickness stigmas…


Empowering Communities

  • ZIPoPo™provides a platform for dialogue between different conflicting members of the community (ie. parents, youth, authorities, teachers, etc.).
  • It always addresses a conflict, dilemma, or tension of different kind – internal or external, intellectual-emotional-physical-spiritual (Fattakhov, 2004). ZIPoPo™ shows have explored conflicts within individuals, within a family, between colleagues, with the authorities, between different social groups (ie. businessmen and environmentalists) and even racial/ethnic conflicts between communities
  • ZIPoPo™has been successfully used in “hot spots” such as Israel, Cyprus and the Balkan countries.



  • ZiPoPo training was held with youth from war-torn ethnic communities (Albanian, Serb, Roma and Bosnian).
  • At the start of the meeting there was tension, fear, suspicion, hatred, between the youth, but as the week progressed, important global and ethical issues were discussed, youth from across communities had to work in teams to produce and perform artistic material.
  • Slowly and Sytematically, barriers were ‘broken down’ and by the end of the training what emerged was a degree of love, unity and friendship among the participants which the donors and organizers of the project could hardly believe. (GPDC reports, 2002).


Example of  really relevant issues that can be safely and practically addressed:

Family, Family Life, Preparation for, Marriage, Parents.

How to keep love in marriage?
Getting married to the foreigner.
Divorce: failure or release?
Family or career?
Blaming children: a form of backbiting.

Work, Job, Labor, Profession

Volunteer work for society: Do we need it?
Choosing a profession: what we love or what makes money?
Honest business: is it possible?
Under The Table Labor (Grey Market Labor).
How to prepare yourself to work.
Career or careerism (place-hunting).
Labor: joy or necessity?

Money, Wealth, Poverty

Volunteer work for society: Do we need it?
Rich and poor.
Dishonest sports.
Gambling: is it okay to try?
Honest business: is it possible?
To have or to be?

Nationalities, Races, Transcultural Relationships

Inter-ethnic and interracial marriages.
Transcultural conflict: Is it inevitable?
Racial conflicts.
Nationalism and Patriotism: what’s the difference?
World Citizenship: what does it mean?

Religion, Faith, Mystics, Superstition

Religious belief – who is against it? (or: Religious belief – a set of rules or a spiritual life?)
Interreligious dialogue. Interfaith: dialogue or war?
Religious fanaticism.

Health, Food, Nutrition.

Health: personal business or social property.
To live to eat or to eat to live? Attitude to food.
Abstaining from food: use or harm?

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