ZIPOPO™ for Business

Business Application of ZIPoPo



- creates a unique and new way to re-invent, re-generate and educate ourselves in the corporate world with the following specific applications:

Conflict Resolution / Fostering Safety Cultures / Building Appreciative Cultures / Sales Leadership


Resolving Conflict Through Multi-Sensory Experiential Training

According to a landmark study by Thomas, K and Schmidt, W, 30% of a typical manager’s time is spent dealing with conflict. This figure has been steadily rising over the years. As a result, most people do what they can to avoid conflicts in the workplace. Conflict is not desirable, but avoiding it is undesirable.

Research shows that if unhealthy conflict goes unresolved for too long, team members are likely to leave the company or use valuable time to search for alternatives.


Fostering Health and Safety Culture and Leadership in Industrial Organisations

“It is not possible to improve culture directly. Instead, it is necessary to work at improving factors that can have a positive influence on culture”. In his book titled  “Health and Safety 2008” Andy lists down factors required to build a great Health and Safety culture:

  • Improve managers non-technical skills (e.g. communication);
  • Increase levels of workforce participation in safety related problems and solutions;
  • Promote good job satisfaction and moral;
  • Promote a ‘just culture’ where blame is only used where someone takes reckless risks;
  • Implement a competence assurance program to ensure everyone throughout the organisation has the skills they need to work safely.

Using customised script involving situations involving specific competencies, ZiPoPo™ is able to make a direct impact – with accelerated learning and behavioral training for each of these points


Building Appreciative Corporate Culture

Practitioners of ZiPoPo™ believe that the “appreciative approach” is true to human nature because it integrates different ways of knowing.

The ZiPoPo™ Drama Forum facilitated approach – similarly to appreciative inquiry – allows room for emotional response as well as intellectual analysis, room for imagination as well as rational thought.

“A successful athlete intuitively uses the appreciative approach when he visualizes breaking a record in his mind to help him break the record in reality. A successful leader intuitively uses it when she paints a picture the community’s potential to inspire people to achieve it.”

[Information on appreciative inquiry is based on work by David Co over rider and Diana Whitney and taken from IISD website]

With ZiPoPo™, participants – even quiet or seemingly passive ones – become actively engaged, seeing and feeling the powerful effects of unity of purpose, unity of thought and unity of action within the corporate decision-making or policy-making process. As participants are “touched”, they naturally become actors in their own world and start contributing to the culture-building efforts.


Sales Leadership

Great customer experiences begins with a solid understanding of your customers. But the systems that manage interactions with customers don’t give sales people or consultants a continuous understanding of customers’ intent, behavior and context to inform value-driveninteractions and deliver collaborated conversations throughout the customer journey.

  • Co created with CLIA, ZiPoPo™ allows sales professionals – from the most seasoned to the least experienced – to explore and discover what it takes to engage clients and how to develop a great customer inspired experience. Covered in the process are:

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