Benefits & Application of of ZIPoPo™


The main features which make ZIPoPo™ process unique are:

  1. uses an innovative theatrical method of Micro-Drama: small, short dramatic performance which depicts the social/business problem being discussed, or highlighting a human dilemma we wish to focus on.
  2. is oriented towards the positive solution of a conflict, dilemma or any issue
  3. is based on a vision of humans as noble beings

What participants will experience through the ZIPoPo™ process is a joy that comes from participating in a respectful and collaborative effort to find positive solutions to important business issues and social problems, and being encouraged to maintain a deep sense of unity throughout their joyful collective deliberations.



  • Empowerement and Accelerated learning

ZIPoPo™ show provides all participants with an empowering experience  that creates a sense of unity of purpose, unity of thought and unity of action within the corporate decision-making and policy-making process.

  • Transformative form of Dialogue

Respectful expression of personal viewpoints, ethical Reasoning and courteous self – discipline when listening appreciatively to others, underpins the process of transformation, that is geared towards acting out a creative answer or suggesting a positive solution

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