International Achievements & Recognition


Creator of ZIPoPo- ShamilFattakhov

  • Produced and Aired ZiPoPo show on live television and radio shows in 22 cities in Russia itself.
  • Earned the rare privilege of being a member of the Club de Budapest ( a privilege he shares with ,among others, great people like Bono (U2), Arthur C Clarke, Nobel Peace Prize laureattes like Muhammad Yunus.


ZIPoPo™ Show

  • Officially introduced at the World Congress on Women in Beijing in 1995, and at the Training for Human Rights and Peace Education (‘Building a Culture of Peace’) study session at Council for Europe in Strasbourg in 1999.
  • In 1998, a series of ZIPoPo™ training seminars were held in the Balkan region as part of the ‘Royaumont Process’, an initiative of the European Community which aims at strengthening stability and good neighborly relations amongst Southeastern European countries through the civil society (OPI-BIC, 1999).
  • In 2002, with the support of UNICEF, IOM, UNMIK, GTZ and NATO, a multi-ethnic seminar was held to train youth leaders in Kosovo (GPDC, 2002). In 2001, the Zipopo received in Austria the GLOBArt Award for Innovation for peacemaking activities in the Balkans (ACME, 2004).
  • Since then it has been delivered worldwide and over 2000 “community” facilitators (hosts) have been trained in 62 countries in Europe, Asia, America and Africa (ACME, 2004).

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