First step: Play Out®




Play out®  is the first level of using Zipopo for any coprorate stakeholder.


Done in a half- to full- day, and using a carefully designed and facilitated form of drama forum and role play in corporate training and development, the Play Out ® methodology will help bring a deeply appreciative understanding of most acute problems or issues. By fosetring deeper level of trust and productive communication Zipopo™ Play Out® will build staff engagement & business-productivity.


The main features of PLAY OUT® session are as follows:

  • Customised case studies developed by CLIA
  • Professional Actors  enacting the “cases”
  • Learning by observing and interacting, through the skit process as it is ‘played’ out’.
  • Selected participants may be called upon to demonstrate a different approach
  • Professional role player(s) can make their comments after the observers have expressed their observations.


Learning Goal:

By attending, participants will derive the following benefits:

  • Connect holistically with every aspects of a situation: not just intellectually but also emotionally and physically
  • Being able to focus on the “feeling & doing” aspect of the training together with the “knowing and enjoying”
  • Removes the element of discomfort, nervousness and fear that comes with the prospect of participating in a role play
  • Using professional actors, creates a more authentic role-play experience
  • Allow the other participants to observe the role play and give their comments afterwards. The functions of observing and discussing (forum) are hugely beneficial and core to the participants’ learning.


What participants will experience through the ZIPoPo™ process in the course, is a joy that comes from participating in a respectful and collaborative effort to find positive solutions to important business issues and social problems, and being encouraged to maintain a deep sense of unity throughout their joyful collective deliberations.

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