Second Step: Stage Up®



Stage Up® is the second level of using Zipopo for any corporate stakeholder and requires to have been through the first level (Play Out®) prior.



Building on the foundational learning that is created and built through the  PLAY OUT ® session, participants will experience a more integrated and engaged session, delivered either within a full day or two days depending on the level of integration desired. STAGE UP®,  whilst also including the foundational PLAY OUT ® session, creates a platform for participants to :

  • Build their own case studies
  • Play the role of actors and Directors, while being facilitated by CLIA professional facilitator and actor
  • Learn as a group by acting  / observing / interacting as each situation is being “acted”
  • Experience Emotional and behavioral “buy-in” in a fun, lively, memorable platform


Learning Goal:

This all inclusive and more participative approach offers participants the following benefits:

  • Difficult and sensitive issues can be handled in a risk-free (safer) environment through CLIA professional facilitators.
  • Realism and Credibility is achieved through their process of crafting the skit and role – playing
  • Participants feel valued and committed by going through the process of creation and execution, as well as going to the heart of issues that truly matter to them.
  • Additionally their roles within the group is appreciated
  • Participants become more aware of the impact their behaviour has on colleagues and peers.
  • Participants are having a fun time while being free to take risks and make mistakes.


As during the PLAY OUT®  session, what participants will experience through the ZIPoPo™ process in the course, is a joy that comes from participating in a respectful and collaborative effort to find positive solutions to important business issues and social problems, and being encouraged to maintain a deep sense of unity throughout their joyful collective deliberations.

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