Executive Coaching

According to a survey conducted of 100 executives, mostly from Fortune 1000 companies, the findings suggest that the average return on investment for a company that invested in coaching for its executives is almost six times the cost of the coaching. (CIMA, 2013)

Key Positives:

For the Individual:

  • Develop Greater Awareness (See yourself and others more clearly) to be more Personally Effective in your Sales Role
  • Build more productive relationships with both internal and external clients
  • Unlock your potential to perform better in sales
  • For Sales Leaders: Enhance your leadership impact and influence to gain the best out of your Sales team

For the Business:

  • Follow Sales Training to help sales professional take his or her knowledge, experience, and ability to enhance that person’s skill, wisdom, and talent.
  • Enable Sales Function to perform at their peak
  • Build Longer lasting Trusted relationships with clients

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