Executive Coaching


According to a survey conducted of 100 executives, mostly from Fortune 1000 companies, the findings suggest that the average return on investment for a company that invested in coaching for its executives is almost six times the cost of the coaching. (CIMA, 2013)

IN the past coaching was seen as a way to address deficiencies and gaps…not any more. Nowadays organisations are realizing that coaching is a capability building initiative, to help unlock potential and competencies.

Building leadership and executive competencies is a journey. One that entails group based learning sessions as well as individual coaching. Whether you are a high potential young leader, senior executive or head of business units ,coaching can often mean the difference between effectiveness and mediocrity.

When used correctly and done right, it can unlock potential, break down barriers to leadership effectiveness and offer a roadmap to personal, team and organizational effectiveness and productivity like no other initiative or input.

Having said that at CLIA we don’t approach coaching as a ‘cure all’ but more of an ‘effective prescription drug ‘that works best in specific instances, to help ‘treat’ specific performance and competency gaps and challenges.

Our process of change begins with 3 critical questions: 

  1. What is the challenge the person is facing right now?
  2. How willing and able will the executive be in working with a coach?
  3. What support can the executive expect to get in the executive’s efforts to grow and change?

We believe executive coaching can be the best investment organisations can make when done appropriately and right. So call us to find out how to make this investment work for you.

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