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TUNING IN™ – Know Self and Others


Our TUNING IN™ tools, initiatives and programmes are designed to be stand alone and/or especially complement our Masterclasses, Workshops and Team Development programmes to help:

  • Develop greater awareness of self and others
  • Identify and Build on strengths and Work on overcoming Weaknesses
  • Help unlock certain behaviorial barriers that may inhibit performance, productivity and teamwork
  • Individuals develop greater appreciation to interact more effectively and determine roles in their departments and work teams.


At an organisational level, our TUNING IN™ tools can help organisations:

  • improve engagement, by identifying issues that employees have and enabling the organisation to take positive action on them.
  • Build discretionary motivation – education and awareness is the key. Allow employees to examine themselves to identify areas to improve, both individually and collectively.

We offer Optimisation of Impact through Contextualisation and Customisation of our TUNING IN™ tools to the business needs and cases.


To help organisations and their people TUNE IN, we offer the following tools:

    • Emergenetics
    • MBTI
    • DiSC
    • Questionnaires
    • Climate Surveys