Climate & Culture Audits


PERSONAL VALUES SENSITIVITY – ‘Work with values to receive value’

In partnership with leading global Values based leadership ‘guru’ Dr Paul Aitken, CLIA offers organisations and individuals a simple way to assess their personal values to help understand their/staff motivations and drivers of engagement.

Personal Values form our basic convictions; our belief that tells us what is right, good, or worthy. They guide our thinking and actions like an internal compass. Our personal values act as our lenses through which we make our decisions. Exploring values forms a critical basis for self-awareness – which is essential for personal and leadership success.              

Values impact :

  • Employee satisfaction,
  • Commitment,
  • Productivity and Performance.
  • Perceptions of satisfaction with leaders
  • Intentions to stay or leave.
  • Organisationalbehaviour, ethics and citizenship, and what influences them.

 Source: Values of insightful leaders’, INSEAD (2014)


Building organisational and people capabilities is a top priority for companies. Organisations need to focus their capability building efforts and training programmes where it adds the most value to their companies performance.

However, many struggle with knowing just where to focus their time, energies and investment.

Through our customised surveys, organisations will be in a position to complement these capability building efforts and identify which capabilities are most critical to their companies business performance.

Conducted together with these capability building initiatives, training and skills development programmes, they help to ensure effectiveness of these programmes in maintaining and improving the organisations priority capabilities.

To help your organization align initiattives to what really matters, we offer::

  • Climate Surveys
  • Innovation capability building Diversity appreciation
  • Vision, Mission and Values Alignment (Pre and post)
  • Training Needs Analysis

We offer Optimisation of Impact through Contextualisation and Customisation of our Survey to the business needs and cases.

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