learning journey

Typically, our Learning JOURNEYS™ are done in phases that take a minimum of 6 months and up to 9 months and utilises most, if not all of our suite of products and services.

Through our ELJA - Enterprise Learning Journey Agreement, you get to access our suite of :

-Diagnostic tools to help surface real issues and determine the best course of design and delivery.

-Consultation sessions with key stakeholders to identify business priorities, needs and concerns for sustainable business alignment.


-ESSENTIALS™ – Masterclasses and workshops to build specific outcome driven competencies.

- Creative Engagement PLUGGINS™  - Multi sensory, kinesthetic and highly experiential

modular sessions

-Coaching input, both at a small group level and on a one to one basis to help maximise learning transfer, break down barriers and enable and unlock true potential.

-Team development and engagement sessions

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