Who We Are

CLIA ‘s mission is to accompany Asia- focused companies in transforming their human capital (young graduates, local leaders and high potential managers) into agile, effective managers, Brand ambassadors and regional leaders.



CLIA vision: To develop & coach Asia’s next generation managers, regional and business leaders into

  • Well-balanced peaceful individuals,
  • Strategic in approach, engaging, influencing and empowering as managers,
  • Humble, collaborative and visionary as leaders.

Beliefs: We believe in: Empowerment, Engagement,Enlivenment

  • Leveraging on diversity and differences to spark innovation & boost performance
  • Talent is natural creative ability: to think, to express oneself and to act and lead our lives.
  • We believe in living a creative life – where one is in tune with one goals and purpose. We believe in aligning the purpose of people with the company they are working for
  • Talent is something to be discovered in every one; CLIA nurtures and develops talent through creative engagement in a dynamic and sustained search for solutions

Values: Collaborative, Co-creative, Transparent, Sharing

Leadership Head of Faculty: Dr Paul Aitken – Agile Leadership Practices TM
Decision Science Head of Faculty: Marc Le Menestrel – Dream Business Institute
Conflict Resolution Head of Faculty: Mr Shamil Fattakov – Zipopo TM Drama Forum Technology

Putting into practice CLIA Engagement solutions:



Our engagement philosophy: “LEAD WITH YOUR HEART”


CLIA use experiential learning on a large scale: We design “LEARNING JOURNEYS”