Join The Academy

Why should you join the CLIA Academy?

  • If you are an L&D professional:
    You will find creative solutions to enrich and sustain your current and
    future delivery
  • If you are a Subject Matter Expert:
    You will deepen your topic knowledge and expand its application
  • If you are a Trainer:
    You will get innovate program content and obtain ‘facilitation’ and ‘coaching’ accreditation from world class specialist providers.
  • If you are a Manager:
    You will accelerate the development of your next generation of leaders
    by becoming accredited mentors, coaches or facilitators.


  • Choose 1 to 2 areas of expertise CLIA will market for you regionally; Have your services under your core area of expertise marketed by CLIA in Singapore, Indonesia, Malaysia
  • Earn training and coaching fees from CLIA clients and network
  • Enjoy building meaningful and safe relationships with peers while feeling secure about your clients and IP (intellectual Property)
  • Market CLIA events/programmes to monetize your relationship and add value with your clients



  • visual_joinnowEnjoy all the benefits and resources that CLIA offers for a nominal yearly fee (we want to hear from you)
  • Agree to be assessed and coached in your area of expertise(s) for your own benefit and continuous improvement
  • Be ready to coach and be coached at special rates
  • Use CLIA eco-system solutions for your own clients
  • Agree to reciprocal clauses of non-competition and non-circumvention
  • Agree to a broad framework of rate structuring, allowing for a mutual understanding of each stakeholder into the training and consultancy value-chain

Role & Responsibilities of ACADEMY Members

  • Embracing CLIA values and vision: 
  • Be commited to your own training / coaching practice and wanting to grow in it – both your business and yourself
  • Being willing to offer your services as trainer or in your respective capacity [ we will have pre-agreed rates to make things clear and easy]
  • Endorsing CLIA products and services [for example CLIA customer service that grooves / Drama-based Conflict resolution solutions / Visioning tools ]
  • Becoming a reseller of CLIA products and services [enjoy a good commission]
  • Promoting / helping to promote CLIA events and seminars [same - enjoy an attractive commission]